What measures are you taking against the COVID19 pandemic?

Your health is our top priority, and we have put special measures in place to keep all our guests safe both during and after your tour. As the world navigates the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we at One Day Tours are continuously following the latest advice and recommendations from the Greek Government to ensure that our cruises and excursions are operated in a safe and clean environment.

Stringent Cleaning: We’ve increased the frequency of disinfecting surfaces and high traffic areas between each cruise/excursion, and hand sanitizer will be available to all of our guests.

Wellness Checks: Employees receive daily wellness checks to ensure they are healthy and symptom-free. If you or anyone in your group is experiencing symptoms, we will work directly with you to cancel or reschedule your tour

Can I find prescription medicine on the tours’ locations?

If you require prescription medicine while on your cruise or your tour, please do not forget to bring the prescribed medicine with you since the pharmacies on each island or land location may not have availability to your medication. In the event that the medication requires refrigeration, please inform our personnel. In addition, if you wear glasses or contact lenses, make sure that you have an additional pair with you.

What clothes are most comfortable in the hot summer months?

If you are traveling during the summer months, please choose to dress lightly selecting comfortable, cotton clothing. You can also bring your swimsuit. It is recommended to continuously wear sunglasses and a hat and apply protective suntan lotions, particularly for lighter skins. In the evening a sweater or jacket is a must, since there is the possibility of humidity and/ or a light breeze.

What shoes are preferable?

Sneakers, flat shoes or any shoe with low heel is suggested so that you can safely and conveniently explore all areas of the ship or walk on a dirt path. Kindly avoid any part that may be wet, slippery, restricted, muddy or wet.

What clothes are most comfortable for touring?

If you are traveling during the summer, dress lightly choosing casual, light colored clothes. In you are visiting a religious site, dress appropriately and avoid shorts and bare shoulders. Choose to wear sports shoes or low-heels so that you can walk, climb or climb steep stairs easily. Do not forget to wear your hat and continuously apply protective sun lotion. Lounge under your umbrella if you are at the beach. Cameras are a necessary accessory on your excursions.

Can I travel if I’m pregnant?

We recommend that women who are in their 12th week of pregnancy seek medical advice prior to traveling. Women who have already completed or will complete the 28th week of pregnancy, at any stage, while on board a ship or bus , are obliged to submit a medical certification confirming their ability to travel. The Transporter/ Carrier, has every right to request the medical certification at any stage during the cruise/tour or even refuse transport if the Carrier and/ or the Captain are not convinced that the passenger will be safe during the tour/cruise.

Can an infant travel on board or on a tour?

Infants under 3 months of age are not allowed to travel for their own safety and security. Infants over 3 months can travel only if you have the relevant and necessary equipment with you. We wish to inform you that we do not supply milk or food for infants and do NOT provide babysitting service.

What travel documents do I need?

All the necessary VALID travel documents, EXPIRED documents are not accepted. If you are traveling from abroad, please carry all the necessary documentation for your visit to Greece. It is the passenger’s responsibility to present valid travel documents to board and there is no refund policy.

What is the policy for minors traveling on board/ tour?

In the event that children are travelling with a relative-guardian and not accompanied by parents, you are required to submit a certified document stating that you agree to your children join the cruise. If your underage child is traveling without a passport but with a Greek identity card and is escorted by one parent, it is obligatory for the other parent, not traveling on the cruise/ tour, to submit a certified document of agreement.

Can I bring alcohol and food on the tour?

Alcohol and food are not allowed. Our cruise ship’s bar and restaurant are at your disposal to meet all your needs during the cruise. On land tours passengers can get supplies during stops.

How much luggage can I bring?

Each passenger is allowed to bring one piece of hand-luggage with the relevant personal belongings.

Can I bring my pet?

Unfortunately, NO. There are no facilities on board or on the vans/busses to host your small friends.

Are there facilities for passengers with special needs?

We welcome passengers with special needs to travel on our cruise ship on condition they are accompanied by a companion. (not on private tours)

Do you have a cancelation policy?

Cancelation policy

  • A 100% refund or conversion to an open ticket available at any date till the end of the year, is valid for cancellations up to 30 days prior to departure
  • 25% of the total reservation price is charged for cancellations between 16-29 days prior to departure
  • 50% of the total reservation price is charged for cancellations between 8-15 days prior to departure
  • 75% of the total reservation price is charged for cancellations between 6-7 days prior to departure
  • There are no refunds for cancellations up to 6 days till the departure day

When do I receive confirmation for my booking?

All the bookings placed on the website are confirmed Instantly. Once the booking’s process is finished you will get a printable e-voucher to your email box. If you cannot locate the e-confirmation voucher, please check your Junk box as well. In case of any difficulties, please contact One day tours Customer Service reservation@onedaytours.gr for further assistance.

I am not staying in a hotel, I am staying in an apartment, where do you pick me up?

Please state your full address when making a  booking and you will be advised on the nearest most convenient pick up point on the printable voucher you’ll receive to your e-mail box, once your booking is confirmed. In order for us to find the nearest pick up point for your accommodation, please make sure you enter its exact address during the booking process as well as the area code.
One day Tours also offers private pick up service on an extra cost. Please state your address during the booking process and You will be provided with all necessary details and extra cost.

For private tours we can pick you up from your address around Athens area.

Can I book over the phone?

Should you wish to make a booking over the phone, our Call Center is Open 7 days per week, Mon – Sun, Eastern European Time EET (UTC+2):

MON -FRI ->  08:00 – 18:00,   +302103235282  & +306944824311 | 18:00 – 08:00 ,    +306944824311

SAT – SUN -> +306944824311

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